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LickiMat SLODOG - No Gulp Slow Feeder Design: Easy to use, easy to clean, elegant. Splits up the meal into many mini-meals.

Revolutionary approach to slowing a dog’s eating or gulping by changing from a bowl to a plate with a much bigger surface area available for feeding. All the food is in plain sight and does not have to be chased thus avoiding frustration. SLODOG simply designed a device that splits the meal into multi-mini meals by spreading the measure into lots of small shallow pockets.

The dog simply eats one mini meal at a time. If the dog tries to eat from two pockets at the same time, the food falls from the dog’s opened mouth. Anticipating many more plate designs as LickiMat breaks from the traditional approach to dog’s healthy eating.

Available in 3 Colours: Pink, Cyan & Black.

Features & Benefits

  • Dog doesn't have to chase around a maze for the food
  • Avoid frustration
  • Takes up to 2 cups of dry or wet food. (500ml)
  • Easy to use: Simply pour the food into SLODOG and shake it around. The food will be dispersed evenly in a matter of seconds.
  • Anti Skid Base: Built into the bowl to prevent movement during feeding. Your dog will feel more comfortable with a feeding surface that does not move.

Material: Food Grade PP (Polyproplene), Silicone Free, Freezer Safe, Hand Washable, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Friendly.

Dimensions: 22 x 16 cm

Weight: 65g

*Supervise pet for first few times to ensure they will not chew mat.*

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