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Kit Cat Classic ClumpTM is a revolutionary cat litter enhanced with deodorizing beads, specially formulated by cat lovers to provide exceptional odor control and ease of cleaning. It's superior hard clumping ability makes clean up a breeze - simply scoop the clump and throw it away. The rest of litter remains clean, odourless and ready to reuse, making it a very economical and environmentally friendly choice. Having no chemical additive and is not harmful for pets or humans - making it the most ideal cat litter for your kittens and cats. Contains no harmful chemical, dyes or make any attempt to change what is naturally occurring.

  • Antibacterial & Non Toxic
  • Maximum Odour Control
  • Enhanced with Deodorizing Beads
  • 99% Dust Free & Non Tracking
  • Excellent Absorption
  • Ultra Fast Clumping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Step One: Fill Litter Box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat Classic Clump
    • Step Two: Kit Cat Classic Clump is designed to form a clump when liquid touches instantly. Scoop up and dispose the clumps and solids daily.
    • Step Three: It is advisable to empty and clean the entire litter box every month and dispose the contents in the bin.
    • Baby Powder
    • White Peach 
    • Lemon 
    • Lavender
    • Green Tea
    • Coffee
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Apple
    • Mix Berries
    • Charcoal

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