Catsan - Ultra Odor Control Formula - Cat Litter (2 Sizes)

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Catsan Ultra is a quality natural cat litter which quickly absorbs moisture to form clumps for easy removal and has a natural odor control, longer lasting than ordinary clay.

Hygiene Litter - The highly absorbent hygiene litter consists of unique mineral granules with guaranteed odor protection.

Smart Pack - The first litter tray system with a highly absorbent micro-fleece liner underneath the hygiene litter.

Clumping Litter - Highly economical as it forms firm and compact clumps which are easily removed.

Hygiene Plus - 100% Hygiene protection as it absorbs before odor can develop, litter is low-dust and unscented.

Available in 2 sizes: 5L & 10L.

Features & Benefits
  • Absorbs Moisture Quickly
  • Highly Economical - Forms Firm & Compact Clumps For Easy Removal
  • Unique Mineral Granules With Guaranteed Odor Protection
  • Natural Odor Control - Longer Lasting Than Ordinary Clay
  • 100% Hygiene Protection
  • Low-dust & Unscented
  • Pour Catsan Cat Litter into a clean and dry cat litter tray to a depth of approx. 6cm.
  • Remove solid waste everyday and refill litter when needed.
  • Replace the full litter tray on a regular basis, advisable to empty and clean the entire litter tray once every month.

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